__yourbestbet__ (__yourbestbet__) wrote in tv_movie_stills,

This time around we're going with something a little different. We're going to do a throwback challenge, where you can enter previously made icons!

An icon is eligable to be entered as long as:
01. It's previously made
02. It hasn't PLACED (1st, 2nd, 3rd or any special categories) in any icontests! (It's okay if you entered it as long as it didn't win)
03. It's not an icon you're currently using (and please don't use it until after voting is posted)

Also, please do not post the icons you're entering anywhere new until voting is over.

Other Rules:
01. no animation
02. you are allowed to submit up to 4 icons
03. brushes/textures are ok.
04. blends are ok.
05. post your entry as a comment to this post.
06. include the url of your icon as well as the img src
07. icons will be due Novemeber 10th
08. Please be sure to let us know what TV show or Movie your icons are from!

If you have any questions PLEASE ask!
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